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PVA water soluble casting film extrusion machine line is independent research and development by ourselves which is manufacturing eco-friendly casting film, it break through traditional process to make film by steel belt

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Embroidery degradable PVA water soluble film machine is independent research and development by ourselves which is manufacturing eco-friendly casting film, it break through traditional process to make film by steel belt, it uses a super big wheel drum and special mould, equipped with external powerful heating system, PLC control system, it is highly automatic control, machine speed is fast, final film thickness is even.
Environmental protection features of PVA water soluble film
PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) water soluble film is a new type of green environmental protection material, it is widely used on embroidery, hydrographics transfer printing
, "blue guards" packing, agriculture film, chemical material packing, washing agent packing(infection prevention), textile packing(clothes packing), food packing, electronics packing, dye industry etc. It has following features:
1. Environmental protection: it featured with water degradation and biodegradation.
a. First this film solve in water to become plastic liquid and permeate into soil, it can increase viscidity, gas permeability and water-retaining property, especially suitable to change the quality of sandy soil.
b. In soil, PVA material can be decomposed by bacterial strain from separated germ, finally become CO2 and H2O, completely solve the pollution problem.
2. Safety: it can help user to avoid directly contact with toxic substance.
3. Water solubility: it solved when touch water, temperature will affect soluble speed.
4. Transparency and gloss: Transparency and gloss of PVA film is better than other films.
5. Moisture-penetrability: PVA film like glass film, it has high moisture-penetrability, no fogdrop when packing hot and humidity things.
6. Barrier property: PVA film can keep ingredient and smell of packed product perfectly.
7. Antistatic property: when use PVA film, it is no lower film plasticity by static and electrostatic dust attached.
8. Printing: PVA film has strong polarity, good for printing, no need corona treatment, now widely used on special printing industry, like substrate of Water transfer printing film.
9. Heat-seal: featured with good hot seal function, especially suitable to do resistance heat sealing and high frequency heat sealing.
10. Oil resistivity and organic solvent.
11. Transmittance of water and air
Embroidery degradable PVA water soluble film applications:
1. Pesticides: inner lining of chemical product packaging bag can avoid touching pesticides and chemical products; no pesticide residue in a plastic bag.
2 Cement additives (silica powder) bags: Avoid dust emissions harmful to the environment.
3. Wigs and other embroidery fabric carrier: easy for clean up.
4. The release film of man- made marble: it's helpful to release mould quickly
5. Curved surface printing (water transfer): using this film can print onto a curve surface.
6. Seed bags: the seeds at regular intervals to wrap up buried underground, saving precious seed, eliminating thinning busy.
7. Hospital washing bag: no contact with contaminated clothes into the washing machine.
8. Public toilet seat pads: the cushion pad can prevent bacterial infections.
9. Suitable for clothing packaging.

10. After coated with other plastic materials can be used for food preservation packaging and air bags.


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plastic film + stretch film + wooden case + drying agent.


About100 days (all new parts)


We place and fix the machines well into container and check carefully before closing the container so as to ensure everything is ok for the shipment. (Use steel wire to fix machine and drying agent).
We care each and every point so that our clients could receive the machines in perfect situation. 

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