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Single screw extruder
PPR PE PP pipe extrusion mold
Vacuum water cooling tank
Haul off unit
Cutting device
Storage frame
Pipe head expandable machine

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Water supply high pressure PE PPR PP pipe machine
  • PE PPR PP pipe extrusion machine: High-efficiency extrusion production machine developed for the production of PP plastic pipes for hot and cold water in accordance with ISO/DIS 15874.2-1999.
  • Extrusion machine: Single screw extruder adopts slotted barrel and LTM new high efficiency screw, which has high screw speed, output and plasticizing capacity.
  • Extrusion mold: It adopts the latest design of blue head or spiral split head, which has the characteristics of uniform discharge, convenient adjustment and elimination of the fusion line.
  • Vacuum setting device: vacuum spray box, spray cooling box or high-efficiency cooling water tank. The parts in contact with water are all made of stainless steel.
  • Traction machine: two-jaw belt type or rubber crawler type tractor to meet the production requirements of different pipes.
  • Cutting machine: Rotary cutting with no chips.
  • Stacking device: automatic flap type or roller type stacking device, small-diameter pipe can be equipped with double-station winder according to customer requirements.
  • There are a variety of electrical control systems to choose from (such as: PLC automatic control system), production speed, stability, simple and easy to operate

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